If you died to night, will you goto heaven to be with God?

New Life

Highly recommended resources

Recommended grace resources

Articles, Mp3s

Boasting in God’s love for you!!!

Before the world begun, Part 1

Is it possible to have “More” of God?

Do Christians have a sinful nature? Theological course by Ryan Rufus

I will never be angry nor rebuke you again, Isaiah 54 Mp3

How to overcome accusations/doubts against the teaching on the New Covenant, the Covenant of Grace that Jesus establish by His own blood. Mp3

How to be filled with the the Holy Spirit 24/7 effortlessly Mp3

Healing Scriptures and prayers Mp3

Why are some believers not healed? Mp3

My beloved, soaking/worship teaching Mp3

Dead to the legalistic observance of the torah, married to Jesus Mp3

Holy communion Mp3

Definitions of grace Mp3

By His whipping, we are healed Mp3

What was the Old Covenant of Moses?

The believer’s freedom, Acts 15

Acts 15 commentary, Michael Eaton

When did Jesus forgave our sins? Part 1

When did Jesus forgave our sins? Part 2

What is New covenant repentance?

New covenant righteousness

Do New covenant believers have to confess sins to God?

Grace giving

The One God loves, God’s beloved

Divine healing technician

Healing Scriptures (.doc)


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